10 Weird and Wonderful Things in the QC

Charlotte is one interesting place, to say the least. It’s not the biggest city and when it rains no one comes out, but regardless it’s the place many of us call home. This is why we chose to embrace some of Charlotte’s quirkiness and layout for all of you 10 of the weirdest and wonderful things you may have never noticed in the QC.

1.Amelie’s Bakery & the Atmosphere- A true landmark to the city and a delicious one might we add, Amelie’s Bakery is a must see in the QC. With one in NoDa and one in uptown, Amelie’s you could not find unique venues. From mismatching furniture, old school books, hanging trees and mannequins on the wall; this is a wonderful place to spend time with some friends and treat yourself to some fabulous sweets.

2.Romare Bearden Park- If you venture to 300 South Church Street, you will find this public park is filled with colorful fountains, open fields, and chimes; this park is a hidden diamond in the Charlotte crown.  Making for a lovely day trip or Sunday afternoon,

3.The Building Lights off of 7th Street- These are one of the coolest, oddest and most pointless architectural attributes but man is they stupid fun. Especially after you’ve had a few, right off the 7th street light rail stop these panel lights activate with just the touch of your hand. With truly no point but to make you smile, the panels make music when touched and If you want to get fancy, try solving the riddle to make the panel lights play a song. This is literally The Charlottes only singing building.

4.The Giant Head in Plaza Midwood- In a private residence, this stone fixture is strange, totally random and no one has any idea where it came from. If you are ever in the Charlotte area, we advise you unquestionably to go visit this 6-foot stone head that rests in a yard with no house off Central Ave.

5.Uptown Charlottes Firebird Sculpture- Located outside The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, this sparkly masterpiece sort of resembles a chicken perching on a bent stick, but is a true icon of Charlotte. “Firebird” by Niki de Saint Phalle or as some natives refer to it as “Disco Chicken,” is a symbol of public art that everyone loves and serves as a pretty prime photo spot too.

6.Rosedale Historic Plantation- Right off of North Tryon, this plantation use to span all across Mecklenburg County in the 1800s. A very random and hidden mystery, this plantation offers daytime tours Thursday-Sunday, filling you on the spooky history of our beloved city.  

7.Metamorphosis Sculpture- Constructed at the Whitehall Technology Park in Charlotte, this 14-ton sculpture made from massive stainless steel layers is definitely a sight to see. A mirrored water fountain by Czech sculptor David Černý, this fountain doesn’t just shoot out water, but also can rotate 360 degrees, has a live webcam and occasionally aligns to create a massive head. (Charlotte loves strange heads)

8. Sleepy Poet Antique Mall- As their slogan goes, “No Rhyme or Reason, Just Cool Stuff,” and that is exactly what this establishment offers. A true time traveling experience, you can spend hours here discovering vintage clothing, jewelry, artifacts and hidden treasures. 

9. Smelly Cat Coffeehouse & NODA Coffee Roasters- An award winning a coffee house with an unusual name, this coffee joint is a living art project. With tons of great coffee and drink options, local art collaborations and the best pumpkin spiced latte, I have ever had.

10.Jeff’s Bucket Shop- A modern day speak easy open for karaoke seven days a week, this private club is located in the basement of a rundown strip mall on Montford Drive. It is a small venue, open from 7 pm till 2 am, costing you a dollar for your membership and serves you free popcorn all night long. It is super simple, very grunge; but that’s what makes it so amazing and perfect for Charlotte.

With Love,

Lex Paige

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