About Lex

Hello, Beautiful People! My name is Alexis, but you can just call me Lex.

I am currently 24-years old, a creative mess and I love to share my endeavors with the world.  As you can see, I love to be creative and I love writing. This is why a little over a year ago I posted my first article…which resulted in establishing my very own website and brand.

Simply to list it all out for you, I am a writer, dancer, model, filmmaker, entrepreneur and all around creative enthusiast.  I am very passionate about connecting with my readers and sharing with them the many joys of life through my love of various mediums.

Overall, as you will come to find, I am the type of writer that prides herself on being open with readers, no matter what the topic is. Even when I attend events or interview celebrities, I write/ask my questions aiming to give viewers a deeper look into the artist’s minds and their music. When I’m not at work, I’m writing and living my life. And throughout my life I have faced unfortunate circumstances; I’m nowhere close to perfect, but in the end, we just all have to find ways to deal with what life throws at us. For me, being able to share my experiences and originality through my writings is something I am truly thankful for; and maybe, just maybe in the end I can aid and inspire those around me…leaving an everlasting impact on the world.

With Love,
Lex Paige

LexPaige.com offers several types of partnership opportunities for brands and companies!

If you are interested in teaming up, please contact me at LexPaige@LexPaige.com

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Former Freelance Blogger for Charlotte Night Life & Featured on Francene Marie Show