Take Back Your Workout Routine with The Hilliard Studio Method

In 2007 after Clary a brand new bride-to-be, met Liz a personal trainer in order to get in shape for her wedding, the two became business partners constructing The Hilliard Studio Method was born in Charlotte, North Carolina.

What is The Hilliard Studio Method?

Besides being amazing, The Hilliard Studio Method is a core-centric, Pilates-based workout, but it’s not your mama’s Pilates routine! As you can see from their online videos and heck going to take a class, this is a heart-pumping, sweat-dripping workout that is both high-intensity and low-impact, creating fast results safely.

HSM takes working out to the next level to produce outcomes that are nothing short of being total mind-body transformations and if you are looking to tidy up your health and wellness routine, they just might be the people for you. As they call The Hilliard Studio Method simply, “The HSM Family,” I can assure you that all are welcome and respected when entering through their doors. They meet you where you are, whether you’re in tip-top shape or going through a powerless time. At Hilliard Studio Method, they will help YOU find your power.

The Down Low

A little history for you on HSM’s credibility, since childhood, Liz was very involved with sports and she began her fitness career as a certified Pilates trainer. Wanting to discover something brand new, she made it her business to step outside of her own personal training experience and comfort zone to discover and create a new method of exercise. She discovered through her research of and experimentation with different types of exercise, that heavy resistance training was the key to sculpting the physique and creating a healthy body. Liz told me that she owes it to her passion for working out and that she decided to give her traditional Pilates moves a new, more radical and super efficient spin by using different modes of resistance to produce faster, lasting results, which eventually turned into The Method.

One thing I think is really great and beneficial about HSM is the variation they offer and the fact you will never do the same workout twice. Typically, workout classes I have attended in the Charlotte area have been so commercial and repetitive that it really makes going more of a hassle than a want. However, with HSM, your muscles will continuously keep guessing and every exercise can be modified or advanced to accommodate individual needs. When you come to class, you will see clients ranging in age from twenty years old to seventy years old and every age and stage in between. Truly, The Hilliard Studio Method is a workout that is free from limitations.

Want another great element of HSM? They have a huge collection of Health Tips on their website and just as of last year, there is now a streaming subscription service! This service brings powerful workouts to new HSM family members all over the world and right to your home! (Or wherever you decide to bust a move) Live classes are added weekly and accompany a library of over 1,500 minutes of signature HSM exercises. (You can check it out Here)

Goals for the future and The Method? Well, the team hopes to touch as many lives as they can with The Method and make The Hilliard Studio Method a household name. Liz and Clary hope to be their strongest self so that in turn, they can help the HSM family become their strongest selves and both reassured me that the number one goal is for every woman to feel empowered. No matter someone’s age or stage of life, HSM can help them find their most authentic self and ultimately find their strength.

So with that, I leave you with a quote from Liz Hilliard herself, “Your potential is unlimited. Take a look in the mirror: there’s your power” and suggest if you want a more enjoyable, effective and empowering workout in the QC, you give the Hilliard Studio Method a try today.

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With Love,

Lex Paige

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