Stay Fit and Fabulous ALL Year Long with STAG Human Performance

At the start of a new year, a majority of us like to take on the resolution of living a healthier and more active lifestyle. However, it can be hard to stick to a healthy routine all on our own.

Even though we may be going to the gym an eating better than before, it can be our lack of knowing what our fitness levels are, personal strengths and overall goals that can negatively impact our overall health objectives. So what is the solution? Simply put, STAG Human Performance.

 What is STAG Human Performance?

A husband and wife born business (Chris and Ciara) that’s name came from a childhood sports nickname and portion of their last name; STAG Human Performance is a multifaceted performance based company that strives for client results along with sports science research and trainer education.

With Ciara having an Exercise Science degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Chris having a background as a master trainer with the United States Army training thousands of soldiers, you can be reassured that your fitness experience with them will be a mind-blowing experience.

So what do they offer?

With a full list of services including PT packages customized to every clients needs, exercise programs at various clinics, FITMACH app for on-demand training, exercise classes and training options in partnership with Caribbean and Mexican resorts, consultations, broker sponsor deals for professional athletes and even trainer employment opportunities; the possibilities seem to be endless with STAG Human Performance. Oh, and don’t worry about not getting face-to-face training. Why? Because you’ll be happy to know STAG is a 100% fully-travel capable system that will travel ANYWHERE their clients need them to be. Noting that like every person’s body is unique, so are their needs for fitness training program so know, they are THERE 100% for YOU!

Still not convinced? Well, as both Ciara and Chris told me during this interview, they have been conducting research for the last SEVEN YEARS (Internationally too may I add) focusing on topics of health and fitness, exercise science, sports medicine and sports psychology to better understand not only improve their overall knowledge but to also better understand their client’s needs.

Two helpful tips the STAG Human Performance team provided me with as I am too looking to live a healthier lifestyle and improve my overall fitness in 2018 is to be graceful with myself and note that weight loss and health change takes time. I know personally, its disheartening and a bit of a push back when you don’t see imminent weight changes, muscle growth or even an increase in energy after working out a few times, but Ciara and Chris positively reinsured my that everything won’t come together perfectly in one week (Heck it may take longer than a few months) but in the end the efforts will pay off and with STAG or any trainer, you can lean on them for motivation and inspiration.

In the end, sometimes we need a little more help and catering to our personal needs if we want to stay on our fitness track, which is why if you are looking to achieve a new personal goal, I suggest that STAG Human Performance may be perfect for you.

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With Love,

Lex Paige

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