Anders Ruff Workshop- A DIY Studio You NEED to Try!

I am so excited to share with you the newest craze in DIY workshops and my beautiful artwork! With some champagne in hand and some sandpaper in the other (possibly a nailgun too), this is the coolest new craze in the QC and sweeping the nation that you will go insane over!

The Backstory of Anders Ruff Workshop

Maureen (Anders) and Adria (Ruff) are the two mastermind designers behind the 2010 founded design company Anders Ruff®, a popular graphic design, party styling, DIY blog and online shop. Six years later and many creative ideas completed, these two had demanded from fans and clients to offer hands-on workshops where they could teach their skills to others. Their vision was to create an inspiring and charming boutique workshop that not only offers classes but sells retail items that Maureen and Adria use in their styling jobs and photo shoots for magazines and celebrities!

The Lex Paige Reaction

I was able to attend a DIY class at the Anders Ruff Workshop located at 322 Main St in Pineville, North Carolina. After picking the wooden sign design I wanted, I got set up at my station. One thing I love is that Anders Ruff offers designs that are customizable and will teach you techniques that you can use for doing your own DIY crafts at home with a variety of materials! I chose to do a North Carolina sign with a custom red star.

I can admit, I was a bit nervous at first when starting this project. I am pretty good at doing DIY projects, but I have never worked a nailgun before or worked with transfer stencils. It’s very helpful as they have an assistant at every table to help you gather all your materials and guide you every step of the way. One downside though, my assistant was new, so I have to admit I had some issues when it came to transferring the stencil because she had me do it the wrong way. We ending up making up for it though when it came to painting. First sanding, then staining, nail gun, transfer stencil, paint and I was done! (Super easy process) It took me about two hours to complete (I chose a simple project as you can see) and it dried right away which was awesome.

I loved my wooden plank sign and it made a great Christmas gift! (Value $65) I am not too sure if I would go back though unless it was a party or something just because I can definitely see myself doing this at my own home. Overall, the whole experience was most importantly really fun though! With holiday music, cheerful faces and the ability to sip your favorite beverage all while you work on your project, what could be better?  Anders Ruff has locations all over the U.S. so wherever you go, you can have a DIY experience! It truly is perfect for it’s a girls night out, birthday party, date night or even just a bonding experience. Most wooden planks and lazy susans cost around $65; painted pillows are $40 and there are lettering classes for $65, among other offerings.

Visit the Anders Ruff Website for more information and to schedule your first experience!

With Love,

Lex Paige

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