So Your Ex is Playing Mind Games…

It’s awful to say, but the truth is we all have our moments of sheer craziness after a breakup.

I admit I have been a culprit of crazy myself, sending countless texts and showing up at front doors unexpectedly, but for the most part, I try my best to stay as nice as I can. Sadly though, being nice with an ex-lover isn’t always that easy. I’ve experienced myself that nice can be mistaken as vulnerable which in return, can turn into playing what I like to call, mind games with your ex.

The problem with mind games is that you can’t always be sure someone is playing them, or even if you are playing them yourself. (These are called mixed messages) Therefore, sometimes we reluctantly subdue ourselves to emotional mind games and we don’t even realize it until we get too deep.

So how do you know if your ex is playing with you? Well, if your ex is constantly flipping back and forth between showing interest and a lack thereof, the answer is they are toying with your emotions and playing a mind game. (You are not a yo-yo) If you are constantly wondering if they have had some hidden bipolar disorder you’ve never noticed before and feel puzzled more so than often when conversing with them….you are fooling with mind games. And finally, if you feel yourself having triggers of frustration sprung upon you just from your kindness or thoughtfulness towards your ex, stop wasting your time because *ding ding* mind games.

A breakup is always an emotional rollercoaster ride, but there’s a time when you just need to jump the fuck off. Point blank, if you have or are currently experiencing any of the symptoms above from an ex, you are playing mind games with them and yourself and it’s not worth it. Why? Well, if you give your ex the satisfaction of playing the game, you’ll soon find out you will never win. Because in the end, you are only going to be hurting and humiliating yourself, and frankly, there are better ways to make an ass out of yourself than stooping to that.

With Love,
Lex Paige

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