Get Your Game Face On! With Game Face Grooming Wipes

I absolutely love working with new brands, especially those directed towards men, since it gives me the opportunity to branch out of my comfort zone when reviewing. This time around, I was introduced to Game Face Grooming, a company that focuses on hygienic wipes designed to fill that void in the men’s grooming department.

Simple to put it, Game Face Grooming is the ‘originator’ of men’s athletic facial wipes. Game Face Wipes are designed to help athletes cool down, wipe away dirt and grime while gently exfoliating to even out skin tone and leave skin feeling hydrated and smooth. Currently, the company offers five different types of wipes, from deodorizing, acne, cooling, warrior, and cleansing facial options.

I received the Cooling Facial Wipes from Game Face Grooming in the mail (which yes females, you can use too) and are specifically designed to keep you cool in the hottest of situations, wiping away sweat without leaving any trace of residue. As the package states, these are “Man-Sized Wipes” and are designed to cool you down, energize you and get you back on track to succeed.

Since I wanted to get the real scoop on these primarily male-directed wipes so, I asked a good friend of mine Gabe to try them out. During his workout, he used one of the wipes and told me that the “man size wipe” is big and stretchy easily covering your whole face and definitely cools you down. The wipe gets rid of that instant sweat and leaves your skin feeling refreshed, smooth and soft.

These wipes are affordable ($7.99 for a pack of 25) and make the perfect gift for that man in your life or yourself! As I had mentioned, this product is directed towards primarily male use, however, ladies they work just as well for you too!

All products are:

  • Paraben-Free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 98% Natural
  • 100% Biodegradable (TENCEL)
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Made In The USA!

For more information visit Game Face

With Love,

Lex Paige

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