“Just Friends” Yeah, that Phrase that Kills us EVERY TIME

It’s time again for another rant in our blog category SubTweet Central.

That’s right people, after weeks of silence something has come up that has caught my fancy. What is it this time? Well, you know it has to deal with relationships (Because I am the modern day Carrie Bradshaw) and this time the rant is dedicated to the conversation we all love to hear with our ex’s, “Let’s just be friends.”

So the reason I am sub tweeting away today about our exes as friends because recently I have had some individuals close to me experience the “can we be friends” conversation. And like every difficult question, especially the infamous “just friends” one…my friends sat down with me to ask if I believe they could. And though I wanted to lie through my teeth and present them with the positive reinforcement of yes, I just couldn’t.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but if you didn’t already figure this out yourself but your ex can NEVER be just your friend. As I know from my personal relationship experience, when someone breaks up with you or you break up with them, it means it’s time to (Excuse my French) let it the fuck go. Seriously, like Elsa in that terrible snow movie, LET IT GO! Because actually attempting to hold on to anything that can potential toy with your heart is emotional suicide.

I mean, in all honesty, I’m not quite sure how you could be in a romantic relationship with someone one at one point in time and then never be emotionally or physically ever attracted to them again…not going to happen. Friends don’t make out people…and friends certainly don’t play scrabble together if you know what I mean. ( wink wink) So the best thing for ourselves I have found is to not even try to have a friendship. I mean unless you have a kid together and you are bounded by blood to keep each other in your lives, there is nothing left for you both to share.  I mean I get it, of course, you want to hold on to the memories and the “good times” you and that individual shared together, I’ve been there I have 100% done that, but going towards the friendship route is you unwilling to walk away.

Life is uncertain, that is for sure, but if there is one thing I am 100% certain about it’s you cannot be friends with an ex. (Girl or guy this applies)  And frankly I don’t care who tells you otherwise (Because there are those overachievers and hardcore believers in miracles) but you are going to be committing friendship fraud and that’s a convictable crime. So just remember, somewhere out there is another little freak who will love us and understand us and kiss our three heads and make it all better…but that won’t be our ex.

With Love,

Lex Paige

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