Rabbit, Rabbit…The First Day of the Month

A long time ago, my mother told me about a strange little habit that she always had. She told me about a childhood friend, and how they both would always say, “Rabbit Rabbit’ for good luck. I never really asked why, but since then I always wondered…why?

Well, as you may or may not know, a year ago after my mother’s passing, I decided to get a rabbit of my own. His name is Theodore. And when I got Theo, I remembered that strange little habit she told me about long ago. And as I remembered, I thought to myself, I still have no idea where this Rabbit Rabbit came from. So, I finally decided to look it up.

Funny enough, turns out saying Rabbit Rabbit has been around for a long time. Now, I’m not 100% sure where my mother picked it up from a child, possibly her grandmother who was of Dutch descent but saying Rabbit Rabbit is a common British superstition dating back to the 1800’s. Unfortunately, the exact origin of the superstition is still unknown, but according to Urban Dictionary, one utters the phrase so “the rabbit” will run away with their problems. As I read, the best time to say Rabbit Rabbit is the first of every month, so you will have 30-31 days of luck and happiness.

I mean everyone knows how lucky a rabbit’s foot is, and even celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker say Rabbit Rabbit for good luck. For me, saying Rabbit Rabbit not only reminds me of my mom, but everyone knows rabbits have been associated with good luck for centuries. I guess I will just be smothered with luck now…you know with my very own lucky rabbit and thanks to mom.

With Love,

“Rabbit Rabbit”

Lex Paige

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