Olivia Holt On Her New Debut EP “Olivia” with LexPaige.com

With ever reoccurring Hollywood story of another Disney actress turned musical artist, I can admit I was a bit skeptical before meeting the newest musical artist to hit the modern pop scene.  I mean let’s be honest, nowadays you never really know what you are going to get when a Disney Star releases their first “adult” album at a mere 19-years old. However, my dose of skepticism was quickly wiped away after hearing the new EP of singer and actress Olivia Holt.

Making her way to Charlotte, NC this past month to give Beasley Media Group the inside scoop on her music career with yours truly guiding the interview, Olivia’s soulful sounds are unique and beautiful and can be clearly seen translated through her sound.  As she is growing up in the spotlight and figuring out life with her friends and family by her side, Olivia told to use that she is passionate about finding herself while developing her career and told us, “Singing was my first love, but I have fallen equally in love with acting as well.”

Featuring 5 songs that are all unique in their own way; you can truly see Olivia’s growth as a musical artist through this EP. With catchy melodies and a track with Jordan Fisher called “Thin Air,” the EP does not fall short of providing classic good vibe hits and provides strong messages in each of the songs. During the interview, Olivia explained the story of her single from the EP, “History,”  which involved a back story of when she was dating one guy but not fully committed because she was still in love with her ex. (I feel you girl) she explained that the process of creating the song was more like a venting session with her friends, and it felt good being able to turn her personal experiences into something others could relate to.

Olivia Holt’s new EP is available to purchase on iTunes and streamed on Spotify.

Be sure to watch the full interview being released soon and stay tuned for more Between the Notes!

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