Splitbreed-EDM and Hip/Hop

Splitbreed is a band of two native Hawaiian brothers Kalani and Taui Moe and their east coast brother from another mother, Kyle Cunningham, also known as Bg3nius. The three are not only diverse within themselves as individuals, but their music definitely showcases their diversity with a fusion of EDM and Hip/Hop sounds.

Interviewing the band was a pleasant treat. The band’s sound is a very “Bass in your face,” as they told me; with two years of being actively producing their music together. They made it very clear they basically live in the studio; making song after song, simply loving what they do.  In addition to insight on their music, the three guys were very open with telling me and the Scary Kind crew the juicy details about how life on tour is during their first year. The band told us how being on the road is beyond amazing; with so many different people and places, they get to see. However, they also mentioned that is a constant grind, with non-stop rehearsing and shows back to back. The band told us though come show time, they make sure their performance is full of energy in order to get the crowd feeling like a “ratchet club.”

After listening to their music, it’s certainly up my alley. It’s like Dubstep and Rock: which for me as a dancer is perfect for dancing to. There are some serious bad-ass drops in their tracks too; which the EDM fans are sure to love. One thing I found very surprising about the band was their support for free music. I remember a while back in my music history class while in college learning about how pissed off everyone in music was when Napster use to let everyone get (steal) music for free, but these guys assured me they loving letting their fans get some free stuff, “Anything to get our music out there,” said Kalani: which I really appreciate. “Hi, Rollaz” is their current freebie track on Sound Cloud featuring Jonate which I advise everyone download while you can!

The band’s upcoming LP “Mile High” is set to release soon, and is said to be some of the best in EDM rap music in the market. Also, Bg3nius told me he’s looking for a “Trap Queen,” so ladies…you know where to find him! Be sure to check out the Vans Warped Tour this summer and you can find tracks from Splitbread’s on Sound Cloud and be sure to check out their other content at http://www.thesplitbreed.com/

With Love,

Lex Paige

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